How do I know what I can scan?

QR codes, or Quick response codes, have become the norm for linking people directly to websites and other digital information from magazines, newspapers and other sources.

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While more and more people are becoming acquainted with scanning QR codes to access information and websites, The Captum app doesn’t require you to use a QR code. Virtually any photo can act as a marker when you’re using the app, and anyone can set one up!

By setting up a cover photo of your own, you’ll be able to control what customers, guests, or family/friends can scan to view your personalized video or photo.

Getting people to scan your cover photo may sound like the hard part, but we’ve outlined a few ways below that we’ve found to be effective.

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Word of mouth

By telling someone directly about the magic of Captum, they will know exactly what they can scan once you introduce them to your hand-picked scanning target. Whether it’s on the menu of your restaurant or on a poster on the front door of your bookstore, by letting customers know that as long as they have the Captum app, they can scan these selected images to access your message.


Using the Captum Logo

The easiest way to communicate to your customers that an object is scannable is to put the Captum logo somewhere where they can see it. This signals to guests that they’ll need the Captum app.

Another option is to say somewhere in the copy nearby that they can scan the image for a surprise. A good example is on social media, you can use the caption above your cover image to encourage people to scan it to view a message.

Just scan away

HGirl scanning wall

Of course, some of the fun in using Captum is going out in the world and stumbling across a seemingly random message through the Captum app on your own by scanning an image. We’ve created experiences like that for Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill and even Mona Lisa postcards that only certain people have found due to their sheer urge to use the scanning option on the app to see if anything is there. We don’t recommend doing this if you are looking to reach many customers, but you can certainly hide some messages within your establishment alongside your advertised ones to add some fun to the whole experience.

There are still hidden images all across the globe that we here at Captum have hidden. Direct message us through our Instagram account if you happen to come across one, and we’ll share your image!


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Last update on 2019-10-30 by Chris.

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