How do I position/place a target for best customer use?

If you are a business that is taking advantage of the marketing potential of the Captum app, then you might wonder where exactly are the best places to put a target image for guests to scan in order to view your messages and videos. It will depend on what kind of business you have, so we’ve put together a list of places where we think a scannable image might work best.


In Plain Sight:

It is helpful if you place the image where many people look. In a restaurant, most people at least glance at the menu- this would be a great place for an image to scan. It doesn’t have to be a new addition to the menu either. You can simply use an existing image as your scanning target, such as the
logo or name of the restaurant. Same goes for businesses and offices. People have to enter through a door to access your business, so we recommend putting an image on the front door or perhaps at the front desk of an office where most people will encounter it. These places are easy to find and give your customers a good chance of seeing it.


On Business Cards:

Your business card itself can serve as a scanning target. This would be useful during an outing or networking event where you’re away from your office. No extra image required! The whole card can be scanned in the app. Check out our blog here to read more about using a business card as a Captum target.


In Emails or Flyers:

If you are sending out information to subscribers, customers, or even a colleague or friend, you can embed an image within an email or use an image on a printed page as well. This helps you reach customers and potential customers without them having to come to your door. Make sure to inform them to use their Captum app to view the message. You can use it to show a preview of an upcoming event or just as a way to say hello.


There are endless ways to use Captum and endless places to position a Captum target image. The best place is ultimately up to you and where you think you’ll reach your intended audience.

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