What can I do with the Captum app?

CAPTUM LogoCaptum and Your Business: Get more out of your print marketing campaigns and generating leads by adding an Augmented Reality experience

Augmented Reality is on its way to take over how we live our lives and conduct business.

We haven’t completely blurred the line between reality and augmented reality to the fullest extent yet, but the Captum App, gets you pretty darn close.

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Businesses are now able to use AR technology to reach their customers like never before. Using the Captum App, you can design personalized ads that will come to life through a pre-set digital target with no QR code required.

“We see the potential for the Captum App to be used by all types of businesses to create an engaging marketing campaign,” said Neal Krajewski, Captum App founder.


Bouns lead generation and ROI tracking.

Every time someone scans your target material we count it and you can see that number right in the Captum App. Now you can see exactly how many people engaged with your printed materials.

Once someone has completed viewing your experience they are prompted to send you their contact information through the App. Talk about a qualified lead!

Here are a few ideas for making your print materials come to life


Real Estate Agencies

Real Estate agents can use the Captum App to give potential buyers an in-depth look inside homes without turning a key. Homebuyers and investors can scan your Captum Target and automatically play the attached home tour or video.

Flyer, ad, signpost, use the app to connect the ads and marketing materials you are already using. The app can connect your buyer to a home tour, and gently prompts the person scanning to send you their information so you can follow up.


Car Dealerships

You can’t spell car dealership without AR. Imaging the next flyer you send out can be scanned to play a commercial for the car on the front of the flyer.

Augmented reality offers car dealerships a new way to get in front of potential clients with car videos showing the features of the car, and maybe a glimpse under the hood. Links to contact a sales rep can easily turn a lead into a catch with the Captum app.   

Entertainment Venues and Museum

Today experience and event creators are looking for new ways to leverage augmented reality.

Imagine your guest arriving at your event or exhibit ready to experience your show. As they are checking in they can be asked to download the Captum App and instructed to scan the targets they will find throughout the event.

Create scavenger hunts, games, tell immersive stories, bring historical figures to life! All without the sizable financial investment typically required to build and experience interactive an interactive show.

Captum can also be used to get the word out on showtimes for plays or shows, happening. Just Captum your flyer or posted to play a show preview. Record excerpts from a show and share the target image to allow guests to view it on the app to show what kind of entertainment you offer.

CAPTUM LogoThis saves on paper and hardware and streamlines your event experience process by giving customers a simplified way to view content.


‘Bingo night’, ‘trivia night’, and ‘karaoke night’ are popular events that plenty of establishments host on a weekly basis. Why not use Captum to advertise your monthly schedule of events to customers?

Why not create your own games, tailored to them of your establishment.


Or Make your menu a target and allow your guests to watch a video about the chef or the review the catch of the day?

Space on a menu is limited, with Captum you now have unlimited space.

Help your guests decide what they want, by showing them a video of a dish coming together and what the final product looks like. This is as easy as snapping a photo and a 90-second video from the kitchen.

Other Small businesses

Thrift shops, boutiques, bookstores, and other stores can also use Captum to advertise new vintage finds or clothing pieces. Create videos and content for viewers to see what types of items you offer along with prices or sales.

We are just scratching the surface of ideas here, the possibilities are endless! Any business or entrepreneur can use the marketing services of Captum to reach customers in a new and exciting way that’s sure to draw attention.

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