What can I do with the experiences I’ve uploaded?

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If you’re new to the wonderful world of Captum and are still wondering how to use the app to its full potential, we recommend reading on to get a few ideas on how to use your experiences.

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You can create experiences through the Captum app itself using videos and photos. Once you've created your Captum, you can now begin to share your experiences with the world.

But before you’re ready to take over the world, you need to ask yourself, is this for business or just for fun. The answer to that question will ultimately determine how you can best use your created experience to its full potential.

Just for fun

Captum is a great way to send a virtual message to family and other loved ones. Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day and even Waffle day are all great occasions to create a personalized message for a special someone.

The messages your create will be interactive and will require the recipient to also download the Captum app. Once they have it, they can view your message with ease and share in the magical occasion!

Whoever views your message will definitely be thrilled with the surprise of something other than a boring card.

Straight to business

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Realtors, sales representatives, and just about any small business owner can use the Captum app to interact with customers and guests in order to market their services in a unique way.

Uploading videos that introduce yourself and your business is a cinch and you can get in touch with potential customers by showing them the types of products your store sells.

Captum lets you utilize a whole new way of marketing yourself that is both technologically advanced and easy to use. We recommend taking the time to create informative yet creative messages for viewers.

Getting the word out about your Captum is important too. Just make sure that you advertise to guests in your store, office, or networking event to download the Captum app to view your messages. For more ideas, you can read our blog, How do I know what I can scan?

We also have a blog that can give you ideas on more creative ways that you can use Captum to help promote your business.

Hopefully you’re becoming more acquainted with the many different ways you can use the Captum app, whether it’s for business or just for fun!

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Last update on 2020-03-12 by Chris.

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