Adobe announces the official launch of Aero, its AR authoring and publishing tool

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This year at Adobe Max, Adobe announced their launch of Aero available to IOS, MacOS and Windows. Aero is a new software that allows creations and drawings to come to life and instantly be published and shared in 3D motion using AR. Aero offers features including:


   -Authoring: Tutorials and instructions

   -Animation: Creations made with your own hands

   -Assets: Existing files can be imported

   -Publishing & Sharing: Can be shared instantly


Aero is perfect for turning drawings, paintings and pretty much anything that’s 2D into a moving, 3D creation that comes to life. With Aero, you’re enabled with the tools to make any creation more eye-catching. Because that’s just what AR does.


Click on the link below for more details on Adobe Aero:

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