AR system brings holographic board games to the table

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The childhood dream of being able to play “Jumanji” as a real life board game has finally come true. Tilt Five’s holographic gaming system includes a game board, AR glasses, and a controller that brings board games to life by putting 3D holograms right in front of you.

The benefits to an AR controlled board game are:


   -No losing game board pieces

   -No spilling stuff on the board

   -The ability to digitally save your board game progress and resume later

   -No cheating possible when each player has their own set of glasses


The glasses are connected to a device with WiFi, so you don’t have to be in the same room as the players and games can be streamed online. There are built in speakers for sounds, and microphones to chat with other players. The future of AR board games means no more hoarding of games with missing pieces in cramped closets.


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