Augmented Reality is Helping Veterans through Real-Time Guided Meditation

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Powered by your mind and heart, literally.

The Healium AR app, developed by former journalist Sarah Hill, and psychologist Dr. Jeff Tarrant, began as a way for Hill to work towards reducing panic attacks caused by the stress of her job. The two collaborated to develop a program that Hill could use at home to calm her frontal lobe brain activity.

After leaving journalism, Hill began working with a veterans’ organization that used augmented reality (AR) to help veterans who are unable to travel to memorials and monuments in Washington, D.C.

That led her to think - could neurofeedback combined with AR be used to help veterans manage their stress as well as their mental and physical health?

Together, Hill and Tarrant worked together to develop the Healium AR app, that uses an iPhone and Apple Watch to help reduce anxiety and increase well-being in minutes using a series of AR meditation activities. Studies have shown that it works, too.

“It’s an honor to do this for our veterans,” said Hill.

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