Create a Better Customer Experience with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

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Many apps that are available today, such as Captum, allow you to point your phone at a static target in real-life and receive an experience back through augmented reality (AR).

Today, AR is coupled with artificial intelligence to create technology such as smart mirrors (mentioned in the article below) and other gadgets. AR is a notoriously powerful tool that has a variety of uses - from ecommerce, to advertising and marketing, games and other fun stuff.

Michael Bower, CEO of a modern ecommerce solutions company, has an idea of where these technologies are going from his experience of providing cool experiences to customers via the web. He notes that industries such as real estate, architecture and B2B sales will catch on to using AR on a widespread basis to help attract customers.

Many of our successful Captums are from real estate agents, B2B commerce and gathering spaces like restaurants and bars, with more on the way.

“AR will give them the ability in the fields to conduct a demonstration or to evaluate a pitch better. [E]normous companies in those spaces [are] already investing absolutely insane amounts of money into AR,” says Bower.

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