Play Ball, Play with AR at Louisville Slugger Field

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Hoping to hit a home run with fans, the Louisville Bats Triple-A Minor-League baseball team based at Louisville Slugger Field in Louisville, Kentucky, is launching a series of augmented reality experiences for fans, accessible via any iOS or Android device.


Using the ImagineAR creators studio, the team will begin to roll out assorted AR experiences in early 2020 that will incorporate physical aspects of their stadium with AR technology for a variety of promotions such as videos, coupons and even scavenger hunts, where fans can interact with the experience to win prizes.


“The Bats are excited to partner with ImagineAR to create some fun, augmented experiences for our fans,” said Vic Gregovits, President of the Louisville Bats.


The team is among the first to begin utilizing AR technology in an attempt to engage with fans. Within the era of modernization at baseball stadiums across the country, with other changes such as modernized food and drink options at concession stands, mobile paperless ticketing and utilization of social media to provide real-time updates, AR technology is a welcome addition.


“We are looking forward to using this emerging technology to not only enhance the fan experience, but also create new opportunities for our partners to engage with our fans,” says Gregovits.


Learn more in the full article from Ballpark Digest.


(Image Credit: Briankapeesh on Pixabay)


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